It’s been a long time coming, but 1.0 is finally here!

As noted in the previous blog post, Snipline 0.x (now 1.0) has been stable for a while now. I’m focusing on a lot of internal upgrades for a larger 2.0 release in the future.

Changes in 1.0

  • Allow multi choice variables to be reused in commands.
  • Fix colour of dark mode scrollbar.
  • Fix issue with dragging scrollbar moving the window rather than scrolling.

Allow multi choice variables to be reused

There was an issue that meant you could not reused a multichoice variable (Example: #select{[Example=answer one, answer two]} ). You can now re-use the value by inserting a regular variable after the select (Example: #{[Example]}). This update has been reflected in the docs.

Scrollbar fixes

In previous versions of Snipline the dark mode scrollbar colour was using the OS’s colour scheme which made for some unpleasant looks. Additionally, when you tried to scroll with a mouse it would drag the window. These are now fixed in 1.0.