Snipline CLI 0.5.0 brings an password authentication, \, support in multi-choice presets, and Crystal 0.35.1 compatability.

Multi-Choice Preset Update

This release brings the Snipline Desktop 0.10.1 multi-choice preset change to Snipline CLI. This means that you can now use commas in multi-choice options with a backslash.

echo '#select{[Name=option without comma,option with\, comma!]}'

Password Authentication

When running snipcli login you will now be asked to use your account password rather than using a verification code sent to your email address.

This is part of a greater goal of moving all of the Snipline Apps to use password-based login rather than verification codes. Snipline CLI is the first app to transition to the new login method.

Crystal 0.35.1 Support

Snipline CLI 0.5.0 supports Crystal 0.35.1. If compiling from source, make sure to use this version of Crystal!