What is Snipline CLI and Snipline?

Snipline CLI is an open source command-line application for developers to manage their shell command knowledge base.

Snipline is a desktop application which does the same but with a friendly GUI. It supports MacOS, Windows, Linux and the web. Snipline CLI can optionally sync with the Snipline desktop app.

The New Snipline CLI Release

Snipline CLI 0.4.0 is a small release, but deserves a minor version bump due to its new requirement for Crystal 0.34.0—up from 0.32.x.

Aside from some internal logging changes which came with the new version of Crystal there is one bug fix for this release. This fixes an error that appears while filtering commands. When no results were found an Index out of bounds error occurred.

There is also a new Dockerfile currently available in the develop branch. This allows developers to easily build their own static version of Snipline CLI by running docker build -t crystal-ncurses-sqlite:0.34.0 . && docker run --rm -it -v $PWD:/app -w /app crystal-ncurses-sqlite:0.34.0 crystal build src/snipline_cli.cr -o snipcli_linux --release --static --no-debug.

This Dockerfile uses the official Crystal Alpine Docker image as a base and adds its NCurses and Sqlite dependencies. Moving forward, this should make releasing static binary builds for Linux much easier than before.