Snipline has been designed from the very beginning to work with keybinds.

If it can't be done without a keyboard then it's not worth doing!

The very first keybind, and the most important one to remember is for the help menu. You can toggle the help menu by pressing either ? or h. From here you can see all of the other keybinds and the syntax for creating dynamic snippets.


Apart from using your up / down / pageup / pagedown keybinds, the following Vim keybinds can be used

  • J - down
  • K - up
  • Ctrl/Cmd+D - Super down
  • Ctrl/Cmd+U - Super up
  • g,g - Go to top of the page
  • G - Go to the Bottom of the page
  • Ctrl+J - scroll up without losing focus
  • Ctrl+K - scroll down without losing focus
  • Esc - Blur/unfocus (Getting out of input fields)
  • n - Create a new Snippet
  • backspace - Go to command list [When unfocused on a non-main page]
  • / - Focus the search bar
  • : - Focus the command bar
  • e - Shortcut to focus the command bar to edit a command


  • :1 - Copy the first snippet
  • :e 2 - Edit the second snippet
  • :ya aliasname - Yank/Copy the snippet with the alias of aliasname
  • :ea aliasname - Edit the alias with the alias of aliasname

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