Here's some examples of more advanced snippets.

Using the same variable twice

If, for example, you need to reference a database name more than once in a Snippet it's very easy to do so. Just add in the variable name without the default parameter where needed.

In the example below, DB is set with a default of snipline so the first time it pops up in the copy modal you'll see it pre-filled. After you fill in the value all references are changed to the same text.

CREATE DATABASE #{[DB=snipline]};create user #{[User]}; grant all on #{[DB]}.* to '#{[User]}'@'localhost' identified by '#{[Password]}';

Multi-selection parameters

Sometimes there are a set of values often used interchangably. Multi-selection parameters are the perfect use case for this.

In this example, URL is a regular variable with a default of https://. Type and Content-Type give you options.

curl '#{[URL=https://]}' -X '#select{[Type=GET,POST,DELETE,PUT]}' -H 'Content-Type: #select{[Content Type=application/json,text/html;charset=utf-8]}'
Multi-select parameters in action

To choose an option, either use your mouse or press the number associated with the value on your keyboard.